Free Software - SnapLogger

This free software is computer activity tracking software for Windows that helps you recording on screen activities as screenshots and plays it back like a movie showing what you did the whole day.

This software is a boon to those professionals who work most of the time on computer and they need to know what they did the whole day to fill up the timesheet or bill a client.

Key Features

  • Runs in background
  • Takes screenshots at specified intervals and saves them at a specified location
  • Provides a screenshot viewer that can play back the screenshots like a movie
  • Provides report of how much time was spent on individual applications throughout the day
  • Shows a report of number of hours the computer was active for
  • Lets you export the screenshots in a video format so that you can share it with others
  • Protects your screenshots with a password
  • You can control what SnapLogger can and can not record with filters.
Free Download Here


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