For Advertiser: Advertising on Blog is a Must!

At present, the relationship between the blog owner and the advertiser can not be separated. I really sure about 99.99% blog owners are agreed with advertising on blogs. I have never found a blog without links or pictures that show an advertising.For blog owner, by placing a link or image of the the advertiser, it will be an income opportunity. On the other side, the products or services of the advertiser could be known by more people when it placed in many blogs. In this case, the target is blog visitors.

In addition, the benefits that can be obtained by advertiser when decides to put advertising on blogs is:

  1. No limitation area, regional or even country. Advertiser can reach the broader market, as supported by the internet facilities that can be accessed from different regions or even countries, and without limit.
  2. Visitors who come to blog is very differ, weather in terms of educational background, occupation, age, gender or religion. The smart advertiser can use it in optimizing the selling of their product or service in accordance with the background of the blog visitors. As we all know that now is the era of borderless global community and the advertiser should take the advantage from it.

Nevertheless, it is important to choose the appropriate party that can be a mediator between the blog owner and the advertiser, so that both parties can achieve the optimal solution. That mediator who can give opportunity creation fee 50% less than the other mediator/competitor is a must and the right mediator to be selected.

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